Search Tips and Advice
On any of the pages displaying a Search Box, enter into the box a key word or words pertaining to the subject desired to be located. Words that are specific and spelled correctly will return the best results. Words that are general may return many results.
General Search Tips
    To ensure better search results, make sure you have spelled your word correctly.
    If you are unsure of the spelling of a word, enter the beginning letters only. The results will deliver words beginning with the letters entered. As an example, to find zucchini, enter the letters burg and the Search will provide burger as one of the results.
    Searching on parts of words will generally locate a word, however the search may also find many other words with similar letters that are not desired. An example could be the use of the first 3 letters of a word, such as FRE which will result in finding words such as FREE, FRESH, FREEDOM, FRENCH, FRESHNESS, and others, many of which may not be desired. Thus, it is always best to be as specific as possible.
    Use spacing between 2 or more words to ensure an accurate reult with your search. Spelling several words without spacing, such as babybackribs will result in poor search results. Enter baby back ribs with spaces between the words for best results.
    Quotation marks around words will not assist with the search results.
    The search engines are not case sensitive so words can be entered with or without capitalization.
    Use specific keywords, not an entire sentence with a question. Specific keywords such as marinate beef rather than how do I marinate beef will provide a more specific search result taking you to the cooking charts rather than showing you all articles with marinate and beef.